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Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura


 Where child's ambition is valued, diversity is embraced, creativity is celebrated and each student is encouraged to be the best.

Why Choose Hayagriva?

Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura

Hayagriva Schools has taken few measures to make learning holistic, skill-driven, competency-oriented and joyful.

We enable the learner to improve all 21st Century skills. Experiential learning, Art-Integrated learning, Activity based learning and Projects based learning approaches help a learner to develop competencies required by him/her in real-life.

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Programs we offer :- 

Hayagriva Schools is a K-12 private Educational Institution in Bengaluru. 

The Pedagogical structure is divided into 4 Stages:

Foundational Stage:
Door To The New World

Pre-Primary and Classes I and II, following the multi-level, play/activity based learning , keeping the focus on development of language skills and teaching by play based and activity based curriculum.

Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Foundational Stage - Pre primary to grade1
Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Preparatory Stage - grade3 to grade5

Preparatory Stage:
Shedding New Light

Class III To V. Focus would be on discovery activity based and interaction class room learning . The focus will be on development of language and numeracy skills in accordance with cognitive development of child.

Middle Stage :
Open Up New Horizon

Class VI To VIII. The structure aims at transforming the pedagogy from the existing system to experiential learning in science , mathematics , arts , social science. Focus would be on critical learning objectives and not on rote learning .

Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Middle Stage -  Grade6 to grade8
Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Secondary Stage - Grade9 and grade10

Secondary Stage:
Route Of Success

Class IX and X. This stage includes multidisciplinary study where students would be able to pick and choose any set of subject from available structure . The focus would be on greater critical thinking and flexibility .

What We Offer

At our school we provide a variety of benefits and advantages for your child successful education , while allowing your kid to stay fully active, creative, happy and healthy. 

Safety First

We provide a safe learning environment for the better education and development so that students can survive, grow , learn and develop to their fullest potential.

Small Class Size

We believe in small class size as the teacher can get to know each student as an individual, working with them to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Students also get to know each other better.

Certified Teachers

We have a team of qualified and certified teachers to create good climate for learning in which students feel motivated to succeed, to assess progress and use a range of intervention strategies. 

Infant Care

Meeting the educational needs of infants through quality infant care.

Creative Lessons

Our curriculum is designed to nurture creativity which opens the mind and broadens perspectives and helps to overcome prejudices. These include zones of concentration and absorption in learning. 

Happy Environment

We provide the best surrounding for your child which helps in unique and happy learning experience. 

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Our school with a Video

“The purpose of the Hayagriva Educational Trust – To empower the child by imbibing knowledge, skills and core values in order to be a positive force in the larger community”.

Teaching methods that empower children to Change The World

We believe in letting children explore their creativity, use their imagination, learn from one another and learn from their mistakes. Our teaching methodology is based on the four principles of  STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering& Mathematics. When these are blended together with Art& Design and Arts Practice, they help to cultivate an inquiring mind that leads to a curious heart.

Academic Enrichment Activities

What makes us different?

Nurturing children's natural curiosity and creativity is what sets us apart. Our students are guided by our inclusive ethos which celebrates diversity, fosters student leadership and boosts confidence in living a healthy lifestyle through sports and arts. 

Individual Attention 

  1. Small class size

  2. Central monitoring of student’s performance 

  3. Each class with 1:15 teacher student ratio

  4. We ensure each student becomes capable of building a career for themselves

Academic Excellence 

  1. External and Internal Olympiad preparation

  2. 100% pass percentage 

  3. Individual attention with weekly assessment

Holistic Development 

  1. Dance and Music performance 

  2. Focus on life skills and self awareness 

  3. Personality development 

  4. Public Speaking and Confidence building 

  5. Training in Yoga and Self Defence 

  6. Frequent field trips providing practical experiences

Virtual Classrooms 

  1. Even now when the world has paused, Hayagriva Schools has been extremely prompt in adopting measures that keep the education going . 
  2. The school has been proactive with interactive video class rooms and certified staff on virtual training.
  3. The school has conducted virtual parents orientation programs along with PTMs 
  4. With video conferencing and many such tools the school is shaping leaders of tomorrow.
  5. The school has ensured that students stay safe at home and continue to learn and keep progressing.

Our School's Facilities  

Students learn useful life skills through technology . They invest their time in Robotics , learning programming, automation and improve basic computer skills 

 Computer Lab 

Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Computer Lab
Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Science Lab

Science Lab allows students to enhance scientific reasoning ability , developing practical skills and increasing understanding of the nature of science 

Science Lab 

Dance and Music are holistic activities for the mind, body and soul. Music and Dance class provide a platform for students to express themselves. Personalities get nurtured reflecting positivity through exposure to such like classes

Dance and Music Classroom

Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Dance Room
Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - School Library

Library is an important cornerstone of a healthy community. A library plays the fundamental role in enhancing the learning experience providing students with all the materials they need to improve their knowledge .


Students get to practice the language with a much wider variety of activities and exercises where students access audio visual materials. The language lab offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient language learning process

Language Lab

Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Language Lab
Hayagriva School - Best School in kaggadasapura - Play Ground

School has a big playground which provides many learning opportunities through different types of sports. It allows physical , social , emotional , imaginative and cognitive development

Play areas and Play grounds


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Our purpose is to deliver quality education and life experiences to our students and community, with the goal of enabling them to face life with ease. We are always in search of bright individuals who will help us as we strive to provide quality education for children.

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