Hayagriva schools


Pre- Primary  Curriculum

 A truly engaging experience

We don't just teach your kids, we transform them. Learning through the Waldorf Method, our children are engaged in a holistic, creative and interdisciplinary curriculum that fosters confidence and self-direction.


We follow a Kindergarten curriculum that focuses on stimulating a child's natural curiosity and interests. We believe in developing a child's sense of wonder by providing them with opportunities to explore and learn from their world.

Waldorf Method

With a rigorous curriculum and experiential learning methods, our students are at the centre of an intimate and age-appropriate learning environment where they thrive academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Primary Curriculum 

Hayagriva Schools is a progressive school, focused on understanding the uniqueness of every child and providing them with the best possible education.

Unique approach to learning

The Junior School curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life. It aims to provide a broad learning experience and stimulates a rich variety of approaches to teaching and learning that cater to the different needs of individual children.

Considering junior school (Class I-V) to be the foundation years we focus on five core subjects: English, Environmental Studies, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Second Language (Kannada) & III Language (Hindi).

Individualised approach that works

This holistic approach enables children to develop an understanding of themselves, others, and their environment while equipping them with knowledge and skills in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music, physical education, art and technology.

Secondary Curriculum

We believe in a holistic education, which is why we provide a wide range of facilities and extracurricular activities to help develop the whole child.

Hayagriva  Secondary curriculum is designed to be in tune with the latest trends in school education. It ensures that students are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to face both the challenges of their present times and those of future.

Our curriculum is designed to impart academic knowledge as well as life skills, ensuring that our students are well prepared for their future.We give each student a chance to explore the world and learn about different cultures with our global-focused curriculum. We teach you how to live and work together in harmony, irrespective of race, nationality or ethnicity. Our goal is to make you a global citizen who can thrive in any environment.

At Hayagriva Schools, the Upper Primary Stage and Secondary stage covers English, Hindi (Second Language),Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (under Science), History & Civics, Geography (under the subject History, Civics & Geography) and Computer Studies Being the medium of institution (first language) the focus of English language learning at this stage is on oral and written expression, in a creative manner. This would help develop a sense of appreciation and critical vision for different forms of literature among children. 

Schools: Aim and objective of the schools:

  1. Provide a stimulating, enriching and enjoyable learning environment for a child-centered education.

  2. Educate children to become life-long learners who think critically, care deeply and dream expansively.

  3. Provide an innovative curriculum for the child to find a certain degree of joy in learning.

  4. Instill in students a concern for the less- privileged, making them catalysts for social transformation.

  5. Recruit, employ, develop and retain staff that will share and contribute to the realization of our goals.