Hayagriva schools

Our Vision

“To empower a child by imbibing knowledge, skills and core values in order to be a positive force in the larger community”

Our Logo

Our logo evokes the history of Lord Vishnu avatar “HAYAGRIVA”, the image of a horse head (Lord Hayagriva) and a path connecting to a standing child figure within a pen nib. It symbolises a foundation and a gateway which evolves from the bottom to the top. It also signifies the transformational path to knowledge and the educational process at Hayagriva Schools. The core concept revolves around the foundation of divine knowledge and wisdom. Through this knowledge and wisdom, students will be nurtured into bright vibrant personalities.


Dr. N Vijayakumar


Dr. N. Vijaya Kumar, mentor to the Hayagriva Trust is a versatile personality and his expertise encompasses real estate, education, information technology, biotechnology, public service, social service and pasteurization. A deeply committed man to his vision, Dr. N. Vijaya Kumar has been a pillar of support and strength to the Hayagriva trustees. His insight and farsightedness have led to the birth of Hayagriva Schools. Holding office as the Vice President, NIPCID, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, Dr. N Vijaya Kumar has been tremendously involved in the contribution of the empowerment of the girl child and is extremely passionate about providing opportunities for this empowerment. The impact of these experiences will be evident in the Hayagriva Trust and he will provide support to the trustees through the growth of Hayagriva Schools. 

Mr. Kiran VIjay


Hailing from a family that pursues education as a passion, it was but natural for Mr. Kiran Vijaya to be inspired by changing the face of education. Post his educational grooming in the UK, where he imbibed the rudiments of management, Mr. Kiran was driven with a passion to go beyond academics for the all round development of the students in the institutions, that is a part of the Vijay Kiran Group of Companies.

He rhapsodically focused on setting up facilities of global standards that paved the way for talent to be refined. His prime areas of focus and development have been Extra- Curricular activities, innovative ways of learning and building up of one’s personality. Mindfulness is a core competency of Mr. Kiran Vijaya hence VK Sports – an entity that caters to sports training, leisure activities, personal grooming, health benefits, eating healthy and staying fit emerged under his guidance.

Ms. Keerthi Vijay


As a Director of Human Resources and Curriculum at the Vijay kiran Group of Institutions, Ms. Keerthi spearheads the initiatives of Human Resources and Curriculum Development.

With her educational exposure in the United Kingdom and through further research and learning she embarked on the journey of advancements in personnel management, employee engagement and Performance Management Systems of Vijay Kiran group of Institutions.

Ms. Keerthi brings in consistent progression of the curriculum to the varied schools under VKGI, that comprise Early years education, CBSE, Cambridge Assessment International Education (UK), Pre-university board of Karnataka state, Under graduation and Post-Graduation programmes

Principal’s Message 

NagaSwetha   A
‘Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself.’

Inspired from this, our motto `Excellence in Education’ is a resounding echo to this very purpose and to which every Hayagriva(n) is deeply devoted. During this academic year, we have witnessed numerous unprecedented challenges which has redefined our limits in all spheres of teaching and learning experience, be it curricula, assessment, new teaching staff or importantly, students too.

Real-life application of knowledge and skills has been the hallmark of the education revolution at Hayagriva Schools. The caring and sensitized ethos at Hayagriva has helped our students evolve into caring and achieving members of society and blossom into responsible, global citizens. In the year that was, we have seen ample evidence of digital learning, adapting to the new normal and cross-cultural exposure in classrooms and outside. We provide the platform and work smart applaud our students in all their activities, be with them, behind them and around them. Hayagriva Schools rejoices & celebrates the success of its students. Through this we have created a niche for ourselves in the field of modern education.

I take this opportunity to thank all parents who have reposed their faith in our school. As always, we assure to provide your child the best learning experience. Hayagriva staff incessantly innovate means and methods to provide the highest quality of academic excellence to your child. Our school has built a cohesive ambience thriving in warmth and care to make learning all the more enjoyable for your child.     

I would like to end with the words of Albert Einstein:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”